Yaesu DR-2X Fusion Digital Repeater

Covering North Michigan!

147.120 Pl 151.4 in/out.

Yaesu Has Extended Their Repeater Program Until June 30th! Now Is The Time To Get Your DR-2X Repeater!

“Trade In Your DR-1X And Get An Even Bigger Discount!”

” Tuesday Night Digital Net At 8:00pm. EST.”        ” Thursday Night Digital Ragchew At 8:00pm EST.”

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Yaesu YouTube Videos.    Wires-X ID List.   FTM-3207D Wires-X Control.      Yaesu Website.


One of our goals is to get other Repeaters and Nodes in North Michigan to link to our Repeater through Wires-X.

Our Repeater is Centrally located right in the heart of North Michigan. This way we could bring people together throughout North Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Elevation at our Repeater site is 1394 feet. The antenna is at 320 feet and has a large footprint.

Come join us in making all of North Michigan active through Digital Communication.


Randy Savoix W1WRS.


What Is Wires-X


If you are interested in this venture bringing people of North Michigan together to have a good time and enjoy the world of Digital and Analog Communication then sign up and become a member.

No membership dues. No politics. Just bringing people together to enjoy the hobby and have a good time. We will be playing field radio, having camp outs, picnics, we may even go bowling!

Sign up to become a member and be sure to sign up for our newsletters to keep up with what’s going on!

North Michigan Fusion Digital

North Central Michigan was in need of a C4FM Fusion Digital Repeater. Digital/Analog.

There’s more and more people with C4FM Digital Radios all the time and growing in this area.

We have made this happen. The Yaesu DR-2X Digital Repeater has been installed and running.

We have Wires-X also so people here in North Michigan will be able to connect and talk around the world on 2 Meter. Even from their mobiles.


Room Number #43032

147.120 PL: 151.4 in/out.

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Our Team Working To Make This Happen


Randy Savoix


Ron Applebey


Jeff Grandmason


Cheryl Savoix

Our Club Is About Everything Digital

Connecting God’s Country To The World!


Determined to create something better, our Club was formed to bring people of North Michigan together with the rest of the World of Digital Communication.

To have a club without the formalities and Politics that most clubs fall into. You the Club Members decide what you would like to do and we’ll make it happen together, having a Great Time along the way. If you’re interested in helping to make this happen, sign up and become a member of God’s Country Amateur Radio. Membership is free!

Our main goal starting out was to have a C4FM Fusion Repeater up and getting North Michigan connected on digital. Starting a Digital Network.

Our club will be focusing on anything and everything to do with digital communication. Wether you’re interested in Hot Spots, Fusion,  DMR, D-Star ect.

What ever the case may be let’s bring North Michigan into the world of Digital Communications




Jeff Morey

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jeff Morey WD8DX for teaming up with us to install the Yaesu DR-2X Digital Repeater at his site.

Without Jeff’s generous offer we would have never got off the ground.

We hope to keep this repeater active for many years to come bringing people together in North Michigan and connecting them to the world through Digital Communications.

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